Using a ZoRAM as swap

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Using a ZoRAM as swap

Postby Rotzloeffel » Thu Nov 08, 2012 3:40 pm

Hi together,

I plan to install a ZIII Ramexpansion like Zoram into my running OS 4.1 system. Will it be recognized as swap automaticaly after the
Installation and unmounting the Hard-disk-swap?

Or is there some configuration to do to tell OS4.1 to use the ZoRam now ? Maybe in the Kicklayout ?

This is a running system! Not a new install!

Thanks in advance
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Re: Using a ZoRAM as swap

Postby Calgor » Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:23 am

The ZorRAM will be automatically detected and used as swap.

Please read the Classic FAQ questions 7.x and 8.x which contains a lot of information:

You can even use both ZorRAM and hard disk swap if you like (with ZorRAM being used first). Just make sure not to use up all of your address space (Classic FAQ recommends to set total of ZorRAM and HD Swap to no greater than 1GB).

Note: You have to specifically run a command (or maybe change a config) if you do not want to have it used if you have it installed, but it is well worth utilising and I see no reason for disabling except for testing (like us betatesters).
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Re: Using a ZoRAM as swap

Postby danbeaver » Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:40 pm

To NOT use the ZorRam automatically or a SWAP partition that you have set up, you must specify it in the BOOTLOADER command. Here you can use the PUBMEM option to reserve ram you do not want swapped. On my system, I have to pay close attention to tell that memory is being swapped: it occurs at around 3 - 5 Meg's and then starts to fluctuate, never falling below this level. Some programs will refuse to load when swap memory is used. The CLI command "memstat detailed" will give you information.
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