PCI SATA Raid Cards on A1200/Mediator

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Re: PCI SATA Raid Cards on A1200/Mediator

Postby nbache » Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:31 pm

JurassicC wrote:Cool...

Might be a good idea to copy back the kickstart drawer from your native IDE disk to your sata sys: partition.
I say this as update 3 will no doubt install new kickstart modules to sys:kickstart

Once update 3 is installed you'll need to copy the contents of sys:kickstart to your native ide disk kickstart drawer.

An easier and more permanent solution might be "makelink DH0:Kickstart BOOT:Kickstart soft force".
Also if any other files on your native ide partition are superseeded by newer versions in update 3 then they will also require updating too eg:- startup-sequence bootloader etc.

This, however, is true and cannot be handled with my makelink solution.

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