4.1 FE Update 1 problems on A1200ppc

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Re: 4.1 FE Update 1 problems on A1200ppc

Postby kas1e » Wed May 10, 2017 9:17 pm

Timberwolf (rc1. rc3 wont run for some reason).

Problem with "can't run last Timberwolf" is wellknown, and it happens just because of some lazy-testing when latest release was put online (some files just missed from archive, and that make it crash). To make it works, you need to install that first version (rc1 ?) , and then, add on top of it, last one (rc3 or what it was) and it will works. At least, that how other ones fix those "can't run TW as it crash on running".

@ Rotzloeffel
Same Problem here on A1200 since the last known MUI-Update I am unable to start Odyssey... System crashes after opening the window or screen..... Problem exists since mid of April....

If problem is MUI, then you need to make bugreport on muidev.de , or it will not fixed, as Thore not aware about.

BTW... Odyssey is no longer downloading the required fonts! There are issues with the certificates.....

You can or update your certificates manually, or, what is more easy, add to Download_Font script --no-check-certificate parametr to wget. To that big string of mess, add it right after that Datas/wget --tries 10 (don't forget to put spaces before and after, so it will be as normal parametr)

AmiSSL 4.x is installed....

Odyssey don't need and don't use AmiSSL, it based on pure classic libopenssl.
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Re: 4.1 FE Update 1 problems on A1200ppc

Postby kreciu » Sun Nov 19, 2017 6:05 am

Just add my experience. AmigaOS4.1 FE works great, OWB, AmiStore etc. I did Update 1. OWB will not work or hung up. AmiStore will completely reset computer. Before Update 1 I was able to browse or log in to AmiStore download stuff etc.

Quite disappointing.
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