DLOpen: how to get the Elf32_Handle roothandle?

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DLOpen: how to get the Elf32_Handle roothandle?

Postby jaokim » Sun Nov 06, 2016 3:54 pm

In the autodoc for elf.library the DLOpen function is said to require an ELF handle:
RootHandle - The ELF handle of the program using this function.
The user program is responsible for passing this, which MUST be
a valid elf handle and MUST be this program's elf handle, plus
it must have been re-opened. The handle may be re-closed after
this call, but must be open anytime a DL#? function is called.

What is the correct way of getting this handle from my current running program?
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Re: DLOpen: how to get the Elf32_Handle roothandle?

Postby salass00 » Sun Nov 06, 2016 11:28 pm

Using IDOS->GetSegListInfoTags():

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Elf32_Handle elfh = NULL;
    GSLI_ElfHandle, &elfh,

The elf handle must also be reopened with IElf->OpenElfTags():

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elfh = IElf->OpenElfTags(
    OET_ElfHandle, elfh,

And then closed when you're done with it using:

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    CET_ReClose, TRUE,

If you use libdl it takes care of all this.
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