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Postby xeno74 » Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:22 am

Hi All,

I compiled Mesa 17.2.1 for the MATE PowerPC Remix 2017 today.

Download: MesaLib-17.2.1-1-without-llvm-powerpc-unofficial.tar.bz2

Installation instructions:

  1. Code: Select all
    sudo mv /usr/lib/powerpc-linux-gnu/dri/ /usr/lib/powerpc-linux-gnu/dri/
  2. Code: Select all
    sudo mv /usr/lib/powerpc-linux-gnu/mesa/ /usr/lib/powerpc-linux-gnu/mesa/
  3. Code: Select all
    sudo cp /usr/local/mesa-17.2.1-without-llvm/lib/dri/ /usr/lib/powerpc-linux-gnu/dri/
  4. Code: Select all
    sudo cp /usr/local/mesa-17.2.1-without-llvm/lib/ /usr/lib/powerpc-linux-gnu/mesa/

I successfully tested it on my X5000 and X1000.



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