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Re: Intuition "Xinerama" Features

PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2018 5:36 pm
by xenic
nbache wrote:Not sure of the exact workings (I never or rarely use other screens than WB), but if a certain screen had been defined to appear on another card/monitor, I wouldn't expect to be able to reveal it on the first one even when dragging WB down.

That's sort of my point. Intuition currently maintains a screen list in the order they would be revealed by screen dragging or screen changing with the screen depth gadget; which means that Intuition would probably need to be modified to skip screens displayed on another monitor or maintain a seperate screen list. I'm just suggesting that some OS4 modifications might be required for the dual monitor concept to work.

Personally, I use multiple screens a lot. I have seperate screens for Internet, Dopus4, Pagestream, ImageFX etc. I don't see why it would be preferable to display a screen on a seperate monitor rather that switching screens with the screen menu or depth gadget but I'm O.K. with a dual monitor mouse-driven switching feature as long as there are prefs to control/disable it.