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Re: NGFileSystem

PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2017 8:17 pm
by pgovotsos
xeno74 wrote:
pgovotsos wrote:Sometimes it seems like Linux is supposed to be the primary operating system on these machines and not AmigaOS. All of the announcements seem to be about Linux. Funny, I thought these things were supposed to be Amiga computers.

No, Linux isn't the primary operating system on AmigaOnes. It's the second operating system. It should only offer further possibilities. Maybe it could replace an additional PC or Mac. Linux source code is open so there aren't any secrets. All good and bad things can be announced. OS4.1 is a closed operating system so there aren't so much announcements but the OS4 developers work much more than us. I hope you understand what I mean. ;-)


A-EON Core Linux Support Team

Thanks Christian. I know this but it justs get a bit frustrating sometimes after all the time and expense. I know things will get here "soon" and "soon" in the Amiga world rarely means what it means in the "real" world. It's just ... you know :)

What would the Amiga world be without SOMEone pi$$ing and moaning? Today happened to be my day :)