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Postby amigasociety » Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:30 pm

mechanic wrote:
amigasociety wrote: Mine appears to have a chipset that may not work. My chipset on mine shows emu10k1X-dbq and it fails to show in my Sounds Prefs.


I do not have a X5000, however I do have 3 SBLive! SB-0220 cards that are all working in my X1000 and other Linux boxes.
They are all emu10k1-jff chips. Looking around for drivers it seems the EMU10k1x-dbq cards need special drivers even for window$.

Is the model number SB-0220 on your card?

Nope, SB-0200 so appears that link we had was not a good one for the correct card, bummer, but only $7.

I went to Frys today and picked up a Diamond Xtreme Sound 5.1 PCI XS51 and it works so far fine, even after watching a YouTube video. $14.99 plus gas for me.

Guessing this Sound Blaster I have is now for the bin as my Aussie friends call it.

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