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Re: X5000 Proven to Work Hardware List

Postby Skateman » Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:55 pm

I have bought the Gigabyte K83 Mechanical keyboard, and it is having problems on the X5000.

When connected to the X5000 i get an error when the machine boots into 0S4. Sometimes the keyboard is just not working at all...

The weirdest thing is when connected to the X5000... the Uboot screen with boingball is in Accelerated mode... the boingball spins factor 5 times as fast.

For now i would not recommend buying this keyboard...

For those interested the crashlog..

Crash log for task "HID Keyboard"
Generated by GrimReaper 53.19
Crash occured in module hid.usbfd at address 0x7FD8DD7C
Type of crash: DSI (Data Storage Interrupt) exception
Alert number: 0x80000003

Register dump:
GPR (General Purpose Registers):
0: 00000001 604BDEA0 00000002 60985AB0 60539AF0 0194D93C 0194D93C 02014870
8: 6148413C 60985B3C 00000000 00000000 33953393 0000000D 604EEDA4 60783D60
16: 02380000 EFBCA9C0 611F0000 611CF990 604C60B0 6FF70104 611EC710 60985AB0
24: 60985AB0 604BDEE8 6FF71D74 80000001 00000400 6FF61404 611F0000 60985AB0

FPR (Floating Point Registers, NaN = Not a Number):
0: -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148
4: -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148
8: -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148
12: -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148
16: -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148
20: -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148
24: -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148
28: -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148 -1.1886e+148

FPSCR (Floating Point Status and Control Register): 0xDEADBEEF

SPRs (Special Purpose Registers):
Machine State (msr) : 0x0002D030
Condition (cr) : 0x60330DB0
Instruction Pointer (ip) : 0x7FD8DD7C
Xtended Exception (xer) : 0x01824734
Count (ctr) : 0x00000000
Link (lr) : 0x00000000
DSI Status (dsisr) : 0x018439E8
Data Address (dar) : 0x00000000

680x0 emulated registers:
DATA: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
ADDR: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
FPU0: 0 0 0 0
FPU4: 0 0 0 0

Symbol info:
Instruction pointer 0x7FD8DD7C belongs to module "hid.usbfd" (HUNK/Kickstart)

Stack trace:
module DEVS:USB/fd/hid.usbfd at 0x7FD8DD7C (section 5 @ 0x6D58)
module DEVS:USB/fd/hid.usbfd at 0x7FD8F5A8 (section 5 @ 0x8584)
module DEVS:USB/fd/hid.usbfd at 0x7FD8FC44 (section 5 @ 0x8C20)
native kernel module dos.library.kmod+0x000255c8
native kernel module kernel+0x0003f660
native kernel module kernel+0x0003f6a8

PPC disassembly:
7fd8dd74: 7c7f1b78 mr r31,r3
7fd8dd78: 816302dc lwz r11,732(r3)
*7fd8dd7c: 980b001e stb r0,30(r11)
7fd8dd80: 38000017 li r0,23
7fd8dd84: b00b001c sth r0,28(r11)

System information:

Model: Freescale P50XX (E5500 core) V1.2
CPU speed: 1995 MHz
FSB speed: 798 MHz

Machine name: AmigaOne X5000/20
Memory: 2097152 KB
Extensions: bus.pci bus.pcie

Expansion buses
00:00.0 Vendor 0x1957 Device 0x0421
01:00.0 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x683F
Range 0: 80000000 - 90000000 (PREF.MEM)
Range 2: 90000000 - 90040000 (MEM)
Range 4: 00001000 - 00001100 (IO)
01:00.1 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0xAAB0
Range 0: 90040000 - 90044000 (MEM)
02:00.0 Vendor 0x1957 Device 0x0421
03:00.0 Vendor 0x111D Device 0x8092
04:01.0 Vendor 0x111D Device 0x8092
04:02.0 Vendor 0x111D Device 0x8092
04:03.0 Vendor 0x111D Device 0x8092
04:08.0 Vendor 0x111D Device 0x8092
04:10.0 Vendor 0x111D Device 0x8092
05:00.0 Vendor 0x12D8 Device 0xE111
06:05.0 Vendor 0x1412 Device 0x1724
Range 0: 00001000 - 00001020 (IO)
Range 1: 00001080 - 00001100 (IO)
07:00.0 Vendor 0x10EC Device 0x8168
Range 0: 00002000 - 00002100 (IO)
Range 2: A0000000 - A0001000 (MEM)
Range 4: A0004000 - A0008000 (PREF.MEM)
08:00.0 Vendor 0x1B21 Device 0x0612
Range 0: 00003000 - 00003008 (IO)
Range 1: 00003008 - 00003010 (IO)
Range 2: 00003010 - 00003018 (IO)
Range 3: 00003018 - 00003020 (IO)
Range 4: 00003020 - 00003040 (IO)
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Re: X5000 Proven to Work Hardware List

Postby esc » Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:22 am

Regarding keyboards, I'd also avoid KVM USB switches, and Apple keyboards.

Behavior for me is inability to get the u-boot boot selection menu, frequent lockups (unrelated?), and failure for the computer to maintain time, even when a battery is installed.
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Re: X5000 Proven to Work Hardware List

Postby khayoz » Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:58 am

dstastny wrote:Well my ancient SB Live lasted oh about a month and is dead. So getting another but got me looking at what is available today on after market for sound cards since most PCs today people just use built on motherboard solutions. So I pose the question what board or chip-set would people think would be useful to target if someone was willing take up task of writing a driver for a more modern commercially available solution? I must admit ignorance as to whats available today and affordable. Clearly the CMI chips are not answer due to hit or miss on quality. Second whats availability of source for example of existing AHI drivers for Amgia OS4?


ESI Juli@ PCI ! VERY good soundcard(but NO software mixer), but as I said earlier in this thread I got two cards, one works the other doesnt.

And for new soundcard driver, I dont know.. Something new, good price/pperformace ratio.
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Re: X5000 Proven to Work Hardware List

Postby trixie » Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:37 pm


ESI Juli@ PCI ! VERY good soundcard

I've recently bought a Juli@ for my Sam440ep-flex. The card plays fine, it gives me clear and loud output (in fact: very loud, compared to the Sam's internal sound chip) on the analog out. But each time I play a file in AmigaAMP or TuneNet, it starts with a loud high-frequency pop/click sound. Would you know how to get rid of that?
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Re: X5000 Proven to Work Hardware List

Postby Skateman » Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:45 am

I have swapped my SBlive for a M-Audio Revolution 5.1. Its based on the EnvyGT chip, but seen and installed as the EnvyHT.
This card works on both Linux..(with more than 4GB) and Amiga OS4.1 FE

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