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Re: Buzzing fan

Postby smf » Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:35 pm

daveyw wrote:
JamesFelix wrote:The MCU on the X5000 will shutdown the board if the CPU get near to its critical temperature.

Hmmm... I have had a few mysterious shutdowns lately, and we're still in Spring. My X5000 has just powered off. Once when I was using it, and other times I left it on overnight and woke up and it was off.

Hope its not overheating already. It gets quite sticky in Auckland in February, that's when I was always most worried about my A1XE.

If it continues to power down you could attach a serial cable to the mcu serial port and try to capture what's going on. (the serialport pins on the motherboard, not the external one)
When the temperature is critical high and the mcu shuts down the computer you will see it on the serial log.
I learned that when i somehow managed to stop the cpu-fan from spinning and the system was shut down :)
That was when i was still testing different fan configurations in the case so i always had a raspberry pi connected to it so that i could see if my experiments did any improvements to the cooling.

I also suffered from random shutdowns later on when i did not have anything connected to the serial so i did not know why it was shutdown.
It got worse and worse and eventually it would shut down just after powering it on so i had to investigate it.
That situation was cured when i replaced the mmc card so i guess it was corrupt or had a bad connection (i reflashed the mmc card so it was too late to investigate it further).
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Re: Buzzing fan

Postby khayoz » Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:03 pm

JamesFelix wrote:
khayoz wrote:This is one of my main worries with owning such expensive machine, that the fan die and the cpu dies.
Is anyone working on a cpu temp app/docky for the X5000? Preferebly with a shutdown feature.

The MCU on the X5000 will shutdown the board if the CPU get near to its critical temperature.
For the app you can find out the CPU temperature with the serial commands to the MCU which is in the technical reference manual.

Thank you for the reply! No need to worry then. :)
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Re: Buzzing fan

Postby JamesFelix » Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:23 pm

Roland wrote:Could you please give us some 'maintenance tips' concerning the original Silence 6 fan?

Can this model be lubricated, and what substance should you use in that case?

I saw on some other forum a tip to add dampeners between the fan and heat sink. What material should the dampeners be? If the heatsink gets very hot, I suppose rubber is not suitable for that purpose...?

I have no knowledge on maintenance tips for fans.

Roland wrote:The problem could also be in the speed regulation of the fan. Have you followed whether your fan speeds up when the CPU load rises? One thing to try is to connect your fan directly to the power supply (12V), so that it is running constantly at full speed. If that solves the problem, then there is some problem with the voltage regulation.

You can save having to put 12V directly by disconnecting pin 3(tacho) on the fan and the board will assume no tacho so will just power the fan without any control.
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