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Re: Networking

Postby Steff » Wed Jul 04, 2018 3:14 pm

Raziel wrote:
Steff wrote:
Raziel wrote:If anyone needs the details, just shout

I'm shouting !! ;)

Depends on the version you are using, but this should get you started:

On Windows:
1) Find out what your computer's "name" is or change it to your liking in the system properties
2) Find out what your workgroup is called or chage it to your liking in the properties
3) Just for the test case, go to C:, create a dir ("Share" e.g.)
4) Set that directory to be shared in the Properties (make it read-/writeable for everyone)
5) Important: Set a password for your user (you don't need a user per se, Admin will do, but will HAVE to use a password, otherwise smbfs will refuse to connect)

Now, on the amiga side, use this in a shell:
smbfs CACHE=256 WORKGROUP=yourwg USER=yourusername DEVICE=SMBFSPC: VOLUME=WindowsShare: SERVICE=//yourpcname/Share/ PASSWORD=yourpw
- Don't "run" smbfs for now, just let it run and see if there are errors
- There are more options you could use, but keep it as simple as possible for now to see if you get a connection at all.
btw: i tried every single option there is, none really matter except the CACHE which will speed up access in some cases.

If everything works out, there should be a new "dir" on Workbench popping up called "WindowsShare", it can be accessed like any other dir.

Thanks Raziel . I will give it a try very soon. :D
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Re: Networking

Postby daveyw » Wed Jul 04, 2018 9:55 pm

Raziel wrote:iirc correctly Olsen was looking for people who got this exact behaviour (dunno if he still is).
You should get in contact with him and help iron that out (or maybe just check that it is already gone).

Thanks, I'll drop him a line. I'm in the middle of moving house right now and have to re-build my network (just got Internet connected the other day, but only to one room).

**Edit: His email is bouncing. :cry:
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Re: Networking

Postby Raziel » Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:56 pm


You got PM
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